Care & Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints:

Clothing that is folded in its original packaging may have a slight size difference from clothing purchased in-store or from your current wardrobe. Our natural cotton tends to relax after it’s hung and/or steamed. Natural fibers stretch quite easily when wet or damp. If you find that your item is a bit snug/short/etc., you can typically gain roominess in any direction by wetting or steaming and a simple hang dry.

Washing Hints:

Gentle cycle, cool water, hang to dry, spray with fine water mist, put in dryer with dryer sheets 10 minutes and hang. It can be dry-cleaned as well.

Color/Dye Lots :

Our clothing is cut, and sewn, and then dyed in batches. Each time a batch is dyed, it may absorb differently from each dye lot, and as result, we often receive different shades of the same color in different time. If customer orders a top and bottom in the same order the dye lot would match.